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A dream… this family was like a dream taking shape inside of my camera. There are nights when dreams are so vivid, they feel so real. You can remember every word, the feeling of the sun warming your face and even the smell of the green grass… this session was that perfect dream in reality. The kind of inspiration used for meditation, the perfect “happy place” to go to when you need an escape from stress. These are the kind of moments worth capturing. I love the freedom in these photos. Running through the grass, arms stretched as wide as they can go; oh, to be as free as a little girl with the world as her playground!

The best family photographer in Sacramento captures a sweet moment. A mother dances with her child. A mother holds a flying blanket, captured by the best family photographer in Sacramento. A boy gets ready to run. A boy runs under a blanket. A boy is in a field. A mother holds her children's hands, captured by the best family photographer in Sacramento. A mama plays with her babies. A mother holds her child. A mother holds her child. A mother holds her daughter, captured by the best family photographer in Sacramento. A boy hands onto his mam. A girl sits in her mother's lap. A mother walks with her children. A mother leads her children through a field. A boy hugs his mother's legs. A mom holds her baby close. A girl runs through a field. A mom holds her baby in her arms. A mother stands in a field with her child.


Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Stephanie, the best family photographer in Sacramento. I live in Lincoln, California and my studio is in Roseville. Being a family and newborn photographer absolutely grabs me in the deepest depths of my soul. Creating memories for families to cherish forever is a dream! I love movement in images, I love connection, I love golden, dappled light and the way it dances and bounces around on my subject’s skin. I love airy images as well as moody images and I continuously dip my toe in whatever moves me for the day, which, I think is so important.

 I offer studio and on-site sessions. Studio sessions are available for newborns, sitters and expectant mothers. My studio offers beautiful, natural light creating special memories with an organic and airy feeling. I also offer the use of my studio wardrobe, taking the pressure off of you so that you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about shopping for your entire family. I would love to be invited to capture your family memories, I promise to help make the process fun and relaxing.

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