Newborn Photo Session | My Cup Overflows

Oh, hello sweet baby girl! She seriously brightened by day with those big, beautiful eyes. The way that bottom lip literally folded in half when she was squeezing her own face… while sleeping… give her ALL the heart eyes! She may have her mommy’s hair color, but she absolutely has her daddy’s heart. I don’t know how it happens, but each time I have a newborn in my studio, I think to myself, “THIS ONE is my favorite session!” Then, the next one comes through my door and I just can’t even begin to pick which session I have enjoyed the most, every single newborn photo session I experience just fills my cup so full, I feel like it spills out all over the place. Just keep bringing me ALL the babies, I cannot get enough!

A baby girl sleeps during her newborn photo session. A newborn baby girl wears a bonnet for her newborn photo session. A baby's bottom lip folds in half as she sleeps. A mother holds her baby for her newborn photo session. A mother holds her newborn close. A mom holds her new baby close to her heart. A newborn baby looks at her mother. A mother is captured holding her new baby during a newborn photo session. A family loves on their newborn baby. A father holds his newborn baby. A baby looks off to the side. A father gives a big smile to his newborn girl. A father holds his new daughter gently. A father is captured snuggling his daughter during her newborn photo session. A mother dances with her baby by a window. A mother smiles sweetly at her baby girl. A newborn baby looks up at her daddy.

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Stephanie, the photographer behind Sweet Beginnings Photography, focusing on Newborn Photography. Sacramento and the surrounding areas are my focus, I live in Lincoln, California and my studio is in Roseville. Being a family and newborn photographer absolutely grabs me in the deepest depths of my soul. Creating memories for families to cherish forever is a dream! I love movement in images, I love connection, I love golden, dappled light and the way it dances and bounces around on my subject’s skin. I love airy images as well as moody images and I continuously dip my toe in whatever moves me for the day, which, I think is so important.

 I offer studio and on-site sessions. Studio sessions are available for newborns, sitters and expectant mothers. My studio offers beautiful, natural light creating special memories with an organic and airy feeling. I also offer the use of my studio wardrobe, taking the pressure off of you so that you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about shopping for your entire family. I would love to be invited to capture your family memories, I promise to help make the process fun and relaxing.

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