Hi there!

This is me! I am a photographer and educator/mentor. I specialize in anything motherhood. I picked up my first camera soon after having my first child in 2010. It wasn’t anything fancy, in fact I believe we picked it up from the local Rite Aid. I took classes to understand the technical aspect and one thing just led to another. What started as a need to document my babies soon changed course into something more significant.

Because I am a mom I understand this season of life on a deeper level. I cry when I watch movies on the regular. If I’m being real here I should probably add that commercials can get the best of my emotions as well. I am such a feeler and I believe that is what has led me to photography. I get swallowed up in the simple yet profound moments of connection, the moments that connect us. I love movement in images. I love golden, dappled light and the way it dances and bounces around on my subject’s skin. I love airy images as well as moody images. I continuously dip my toe in whatever moves me for the day and I think that is so important. I know that my clients are taking a huge leap of faith, entrusting me with sharing their journey and that is a big responsibility that I will always be humbled by.

A family laughs together, captured by Becky Leanna Photography

I am the photographer for the mamas who crave something a little different, who may long to steer away from traditional, who want to feel the warmth of motherhood wash over them every time they look at their images with their babies…….the mamas who may want to be a little extra or feel extra and embrace a bit of boho in the process. I am the mentor for the photographers who want to seek salvation from their ordinary but don’t know how to achieve it. My teaching style is real, no fluff. My sole interest with teaching photography is to help others find their inner artist and release it. Outdoorsy boho styled mamas loving on their babes in nature fills my cup but figuring out how to properly articulate that in my work was not easy. I want to help peel back those difficult layers with other photographers.

Being a family and newborn photographer absolutely grabs me in the deepest depths of my soul. To see mothers connecting with their sweet baby’s in the womb and out is so beyond moving and it is so necessary to capture. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the day to day monotony as moms. Our role is possibly the most important, yet we are almost always the ones behind the camera. We need to be in front of it, hugging on our babies and capturing those tiny little moments that all add up to something magical and indescribable. The bond between a parent and child can never be put into words but I want to freeze it………freeze it in time, so that we all have something to cherish as we grow older. Something we can all hold onto that is tangible and real.

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