Sacramento Area Baby Photographer | Learning Each Other

All my mamas, do you remember these first days? The days when you’re still learning each other? Nursing, sleeping, soothing…. such a magical and surreal time. Life kind of just throws you into motherhood, doesn’t it. Like, “here’s this little person, don’t mess up!” There are just no guarantees, there is no handbook, we all just kind of fake it until we make it. Then, one day, we realize we ARE making it. This mom thing is kind of becoming second nature. That is, until the next hurdle arrives and we have to learn how to parent the same child in a different way all over again. How beautiful, messy, exhausting and rewarding this life of momming is… it’s where most of us really figure out who we are deep inside. I don’t know about you, but I love the way my children continually challenge me to be just a little bit better than I was the day before.

A baby's yawn is captured by a Sacramento area baby photographer. A newborn's foot peeks out of a blanket. A baby sleeps during her newborn session with a Sacramento area baby photographer. A newborn naps peacefully while wrapped in a soft blanket. A mother holds her baby gently during a session with a Sacramento area baby photographer. A newborn's head is cradled gently in her mother's arms. A newborn sleeps with her face nuzzled inside of a soft blanket. A newborn baby girl sleeps on top of a textured brown blanket.

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Stephanie, a Sacramento area baby photographer, and I specialize in newborn photography.  I live in Lincoln, California and my studio is in Roseville. Being a family and newborn photographer absolutely grabs me in the deepest depths of my soul. Creating memories for families to cherish forever is a dream! I love movement in images, I love connection, I love golden, dappled light and the way it dances and bounces around on my subject’s skin. I love airy images as well as moody images and I continuously dip my toe in whatever moves me for the day, which, I think is so important.

 I offer studio and on-site sessions. Studio sessions are available for newborns, sitters and expectant mothers. My studio offers beautiful, natural light creating special memories with an organic and airy feeling. I also offer the use of my studio wardrobe, taking the pressure off of you so that you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about shopping for your entire family. I would love to be invited to capture your family memories, I promise to help make the process fun and relaxing.

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