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1:1 Mentoring

Hey Everyone!

Here I am laying on a blanket with my babies, my husband gently stroking my daughter’s slow growing hair.

A family laughs together, captured by Becky Leanna Photography

Gahhhhhhh! This image is everything to me.

Me……hmmmmmmm a little about me……….okay here goes………I live in Lincoln, CA and have a studio in Roseville, CA, which is about 45 minutes from the state capitol, Sacramento. I started off my career in the dental field. I plugged along “liking” my job and found my niche at a dental office where I worked with the same staff for close to 15 years. I fell in love with photography shortly after I had my first baby. I will never forget sitting on the couch watching the newborn photographer in both awe and envy. We left and I thought to myself, “what a fantastic job she has……..” I found myself constantly wanting to capture all of my baby’s moments with our cheap point and shoot digital camera. We were going through AA batteries like crazy so I told my hubs I’d like to get something nicer. One thing led to another and shortly after getting my Nikon D90 I signed up for photography classes. After taking my first few classes I had this crazy creative fire within me. It was like this incredible addiction to learn as much as I could, as quickly as I could. That addiction has led me here and continues to burn inside of me all the time. I am hopelessly in love with all things photography. My poor husband has to endure my distracted mind and I love him for it. I ended my career in the dental field this last May. I know I can go back to it if need be, but for now my heart and soul is anything and everything to do with my business. I no longer go to an 8-5 job “liking” it. I make my own hours, spend more time at home with my children doing what I “love.” It’s not all roses though, so please know that. It’s been a hard path getting here. The struggle of balance is something I’m all too familiar with and continue to work on. It can be super lonely too. There are soooooooo many layers to this gig. Do you know how many times I’ve thought to myself, ” I wish there was someone that would just give me some direction?” I felt like I was going in circles, not knowing where to go next, what to focus on. I want to help others peel back those layers by offering 1:1 mentoring sessions.

A man holds his daughter | Sweet Beginnings Photography by Stephanie | Sacramento Newborn and Family Photographer

The Details:

Our 1:1 Mentoring Session Begins With A Questionnaire Prior to Meeting. This Helps Give Me An Idea of What You Need Help With So I Can Fully Customize Our Time Together.

We Will Met At the Studio Over Coffee and Discuss Key Topics:

-Client Management(Pre/Post Session Workflow)

-Pricing Strategies(In Person Sales/CYOC Business Models/Non IPS)

-How to Share Your Heart in Your Business, Your “Why”

-Basic SEO Topics Such As How to Achieve Online Presence with Both Google/Social Media

-Client Styling, Location Selection, Session Planning

-Finding Your “Why” and Shooting For Your Artistic Soul

-Q&A to Dive Into Any Other Helpful Topics

A woman holds her belly in the sun | Sweet Beginnings Photography by Stephanie | Sacramento Family Photographer

After We Are Done With the Meat and Potatoes of Everything Business/General Session Planning Topics We Will Go Do a Shoot Together.

The Shoot Will Be Either Studio or Outdoor Based on Your Preference With Styled Models.

We Will Be Side By Side the Entire Session. I Will Go Over How to Capture Connection Without Being Too Posed, Shooting Angles, Nailing Backlight and Other Difficult Lighting Situations, Composition, Etc.

After the Session We Will Regroup, Go Over All Questions You Had While Shooting, Do Editing Demo (Upload Images, Cull Images, Apply Global White Balance Adjustments As Necessary in ACR and Edit in PS).

*Images May Be Used For Portfolio Purposes*

A girl runs under a blanket | Sweet Beginnings Photography by Stephanie | Sacramento Newborn and Family Photographer

Total Cost for 1:1 Mentoring:

$1500 (6 Hours)

*Must Live/Do Business Outside of the 50 Mile Radius of Roseville Area*